Young Adults

01 - Welcome-Freshers-Zoom

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University Students
At Bethshan we love God, we love students and we love family - ideally all together in one big messy mix. Leaving home for Uni is a significant, sometimes scary moment in a person's life and life in a new city with new people, new surroundings and new options - some good, some bad, is a big deal. We aim to be a big family for students to be a part of and a source of support, encouragement and inspiration to enable them to live holy, passionate lives of loving God and having an impact on their bit of the world.

So what's on offer?
We're talking holidays, discipleship, music, teaching and training, conferences, outreaches, Sunday lunches, small groups, prayer and fasting, beaches and BBQs, opportunities to get involved with worship and intercession in the House of Prayer and plenty of chances to serve and be used by God...

We encourage you to come along to Costa in Newcastle mid-week and our Durham congregation on Sunday evenings to connect in person or of course you can DM us on Instagram (@_bethshan) or message us on Facebook (@bethshan)

Older teens 15-18
Our older teens gather throughout the month to hang out with discipleship as they seek to shine for Jesus wherever they find themselves in education. We want to give them support, encouragement, relevant teaching and impartation to transform their schools and colleges and establish God’s kingdom in their families, peer groups and generation.

We encourage students to join in with our University expressions in Durham and Newcastle to be part of larger gatherings that bring inspiration and give role models to aspire to follow.

Young Teens 11-14 
Our young teen programme, for 11 to 14s, we call Torch. It seeks to build up our young people in their faith and their relationship with God, with a healthy mix of fun and socialising with ministry and discipleship.  At an age where many lose interest with the kingdom or disengage completely, we want to equip them to live passionate, set apart lives and to allow them opportunity to get involved with Sunday gatherings, worship and prayer as participants and contributors not just spectators.

Our culture places people of this age group in a waiting stage but the kingdom culture is that they step up and take their stand alongside the adults in their pursuit of God and building the kingdom of God.